SpyHunter Review – Malware Detection and Removal Tool!

SpyHunterSpyHunter is a real-time powerful anti-spyware application which is certified by West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification System and is especially designed to assist computer users in order to protect their PC from malicious threats and infections. As malware continue to evolve and becoming sophisticated day by day, SpyHunter have responded to it and came up with advanced technology to combat with today’s malware threats and stay one step ahead of them. Just download and install this powerful program and it will configure itself to provide optimal protection with limited interaction with the threats.

Best Adaptive Malware Detection & Malware Scanner

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Why Choose SpyHunter?

SpyHunter gives you intuitive real-time protection, tailor-made malware fixes, powerful anti-rootkit technology, live technical support and several other features. Other important features include –

  • Complete System Guard – System Guard instantly identifies and stops any process that attempt to let malware enter into the PC secretly to exploit Windows registry.
  • Malware Protection – It effectively detects, blocks and removes any spyware, rootkits, adware, cookies, keyloggers, worms, Trojans and several other kind of malware.
  • Regular Malware Updates – Daily malware definitions ensures complete malware protection from all possible latest malware threats.
  • User Friendly Interface – Easy to use interface with intelligent automatic protection.
  • 24×7 Customer Support – Interactive one-to-one customer support handles any kind of issues that SpyHunter is not able to resolve automatically.
  • Custom Malware Fixes – SpyHunter helpdesk creates a diagnostic report of specific malware that it gets from people which is analyzed by professional technicians and in response to that an automated custom fix is generated and sent back to the sender.
  • Exclusions – This feature allows user to select objects that they want to exclude from detection in future SpyHunter scans.

Free Download SpyHunter Malware Scanner

*By downloading any program listed in our site you agree to our Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use. You are downloading SpyHunter’s FREE Scanner. It detects malware only, purchase SpyHunter to remove detected malware. To uninstall SpyHunter follow, these instructions.

Complete Installation Guide of SpyHunter!

Follow the Step by Step Guide to Install and Configure SpyHunter Anti-Malware application

Step 1 – Click ‘Free Download’ button and save the file in your hard drive.


Step 2 – Once you have saved the file, double-click to run it.


Step 3 – After that SpyHunter installer will be downloaded.


Step 4 – Once downloading finishes select the language to proceed with the installation.


Step 5 – After that accept the SpyHunter terms and wait till the installation finishes.



Step 6 – Once installation finishes you will see the home window of SpyHunter Anti-spyware software.


Step 7 – Now choose the scan type and click ‘Start Scan’ to scan PC for threats and infection.


Step 8 – Once scanning completes remove the threats by clicking ‘Fix Selected’ button.

Uninstallation Guide To Remove SpyHunter Anti-Spyware Program

You can easily uninstall SpyHunter anti-spyware program from your system in two simple ways:

Step #1: Using Add/Remove Programs

Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

  1. Hit on Windows Start (In Windows 8 press Windows Key + Q), and then hit on Control Panel.
  2. Now hit on Programs and Features.
  3. From Programs and Features window, right-click on SpyHunter, hit on Uninstall button.

Once SpyHunter Uninstall window appears it prompt are you sure you want to remove it. Hit on Yes to begin the uninstallation process.

Windows XP

  1. Hit on Start menu and then hit on Control Panel.
  2. Now double-click on Add/Remove Programs.
  3. From Add/Remove Programs window, right-click on SpyHunter hit on Uninstall button.

Once SpyHunter Uninstall window appears it prompt are you sure you want to remove it. Hit on Yes to begin the uninstallation process.

Step #2: Using ‘Uninstall SpyHunter’ option

  1. Hit on Start menu (In Windows 8 press Windows Key + Q).
  2. Choose Programs (Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8) or All Programs (Windows XP).
  3. Search SpyHunter folder, open it and hit on Uninstall SpyHunter option.
  4. Confirm whether you want to uninstall SpyHunter or not and simply, follow the steps appeared on SpyHunter screen.