Remove Navigation to the page was cancelled from PC [Removal Guide]!

By August 22, 2013

“Navigation to the page was cancelled” is a fake alert virus which usually shows its fragile activity which displays to well-known browsers for instance Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. As you know that it is considered as lock screen virus it usually appears with the message which indicates that the “Navigation to the webpage was cancelled” which usually blocks users from accessing to web site where they want to visit precisely. The filtration of the pest is undertaken in wretched manner, without the prior permission of the victims. Simultaneously when you receive this message the basic thing you should keep in mind that it is actually not a legitimate or genuine browser notifications or warning deriving from web site. At a glance, it will lock the address on the status bar despite of the URL or you’re preferred domain. It is vexing enough to function in most versions of windows, which could be any one of these windows that is Window XP, Vista, Window 7 and nevertheless window 8.


It is obvious that this problem occurs on targeted PC for a long span, despite of that it tortures internet users. Some may guess that it must be something wrong with Firewall or anti-virus program as you know welly that this anti-virus is quiet on this issue. As this virus scam proceeds it does not shows any sign of malware. Indeed the reason behind this is that it is involved in the Trojan which has the initial capabilities to connect with the remote server and drop other infections into the compromised machine. When the virus is inside the system it becomes more vulnerable which can easily track and allow cyber criminals to keep track on online browser activity enthusiastically. Therefore we rightly suggest you to remove “Navigation to the page was cancelled” virus as soon as possible.

How to detect if PC is infected with Navigation to the page was cancelled?

Usually, malware’s get into the PC using several tricky ways without your knowledge or permission. They try their best to hide themselves and remain undetected by the security programs. Noticing its malicious effects on the PC you can easily find the super group to which they belong to. But in order to know the exact threat and its location in the PC it is very important that you scan your PC for the same. Now the question is which scanner to use in these conditions which can effectively detect each and every traces of any threat that can attack the PC.

Advice: Well, we have tried several scanners in this regard who claim to effectively detect the potential threats in the computer system but most of them have failed to keep what they claim. So, after lot of research and experimentation our computer experts have picked up the most powerful and effective malware scanner that really works. So, just download it from the link provided below and scan your PC for free.


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How to Remove Navigation to the page was cancelled from PC using Manual Methods?

Manual removal methods of this ransomware tends to be little less reliable & effective, but still those methods are explained below –

Step 1 – Start your Windows system and keep pressing ‘F8’ button on your keyboard until Windows Advanced Option menu shows up. Then select the ‘Safe Mode with Command Prompt’ option from the list and press ‘Enter’.

Step 2 – In the opened command prompt type ‘explorer’ and press ‘Enter’ to open the explorer windows.

Step 3 – Now in the command prompt type ‘regedit’ and press ‘Enter’.

Step 4 – In registry editor window navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\

Step 5 – In the right side of the window locate ‘Shell’ and click on it. Now click on Modify. Its default value is Explorer.exe, if you see something else, then remove it and type Explorer.exe on it. If something else is written on it then use that information to navigate to the rogue executable and remove it.

Step 6 – Then restart your PC and download the file mentioned below and perform full system scan to eliminate Navigation to the page was cancelled from PC.

Protect PC from Future Malware Attacks!

You should always take good care of your Windows system because it is something that you use quite often and you want it to be safe and secure so that you can work on it properly. So, to avoid any future intrusions from any malware you must follow or take some precautions and keep PC safe and healthy. Some of the basic things that you can do are ?

  • Turn on Safe Browsing feature of the browser you use.
  • Update security program in a regular basis.
  • Use a powerful Firewall to block any incoming connections from malicious hosts.
  • And various similar.

To know more on how to avoid future malware attacks & boost PC protection, read – Tips & Techniques to Boost PC Protection Against Malware?s.


Powerful malware scanner that comes with removal tool, FREE to try and effectively removes upcoming lethal PC threats effortlessly from Windows system.