7 Ways To Clean And Secure Your Web Browser Like a Pro

Internet is a one place where you can get good information and several solutions to your problems. On the other hand it is also the place where bad things also lie. When you browse internet or visit any web page then you can see the unwanted ads that invite you to “Lose 5 Kg in a week!” Well that ad holds the malware within it. Further, you can’t resist yourself… Read More »

Tech Support Scammer Tricked Into Installing Ransomware

No matter how much you tech-savvy you are, hacker can still trick you into infecting your system. In Las Vegas, while the big security was happening, a security researcher named Ivan Kwiatkowski has discovered that his parent computer got infected with Zeus malware, after only 30 minutes on a new computer. However, he was able to fix his parents’ browser, but the reality is that people who are less or… Read More »

How to Spot and Report a Phishing Email

Rise of Phishing attacks are out of control than ever before, the graph is rising every day by more than 50%. Over half of internet user gets at least one phishing email per day.

How To Avoid Fake Microsoft Telephone Tricksters : Don’t Be A Victim

It start out the same you get the phone call from someone that claim to be a legit representative of a known organization. They will tell you that you have an issue with your computer and need to be fixed as soon as possible. After this they will ask you to log into your computer to fix the issue. Stop it s a scam. You are about to get into… Read More »

Expert Tips To Avoid Falling Victim To Ransomware

Admit it everyday we hear news related to cyberattack. And with all the news related to breaches and other cybercriminal activity one name is common among them and that is ransomware. But what exactly is “ransomware”. In capsule it is a nasty program which let cybercriminals to lock your computer and files and use it as extortion. This malware attack might not be new but you must learn about it… Read More »

Petya Ransomware Gets Encryption Upgrade

Few months ago a piece of ransomware called Petya was encrypting entire hard disks after taking over the boot sector came with a latest updates to infect the system and make the recovery process almost impossible.

Lurk Banking Trojan Delivered via Ammyy Website

Cybercriminals successfully breached Ammyy website – popular remote administration tool and forced it deliver Lurk and other pieces of malware. Lurk is actually a banking Trojan which target Russian financial institutions and other organizations. This threat is been there for 5 years and experts says that it has helped cybercriminals steal nearly $45 million.

CryptXXX Ransomware Updates Ransom Note, Payment Site

Since June 1, developers of CryptXXX ransomware has changed their ransom note and Tor payment site for the second time those who are developing detection signatures and administrators, this recent update to  CryptXXX ransomware is no longer modifying the file extension of the encrypted file.  

New Ransomware called CryptoRoger that appends .crptrgr to Encrypted Files

A very fresh ransomware known as CryptoRoger has been exposed today by means of MalwareBytes sanctuary investigator. This ransomware is capable of encrypting victim’s folder by means of AES encryption and then pins the .crptrgr conservatory to encrypted filenames.  The malware dev after that demands some amount of payment as a ransom of .5 bitcoins, or ~$360 USD, for the sake of retrieving decryption key. Regrettably, at time there is no familiar method… Read More »